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Jospeh Okency Charles Memorial Scholarship


The Joseph Okency Charles Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Joseph Okency Charles. He was born and raised in Haiti and had made sure his children were able to go to school, get a quality education, to make a good life for themselves. Joseph valued the power of an education. 

Each year scholarships ranging from $500 - $1000 will be awarded to students in the town of Derac, Haiti who are seeking post-secondary opportunities. 
Well-rounded high school students who demonstrate a significant commitment of volunteer service to the community are encouraged to apply.

The scholarship is being funded in part with One Luv Outreach Ministries. One Luv continues to serve in the community of Derac, Haiti. They are building a partnership that continues to strengthen the community through a commitment to education, service, and ministry.  


To make a donation to the scholarship, please go to the giving part of the website. 

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